Monday, April 14, 2014

220-801 Sample Question


Which of the following panel types would allow for the THINNEST possible display monitor?

D. Plasma

Answer: A


Which of the following ports MUST be open to connect to a PC using RDP?

A. 21
B. 80
C. 443
D. 3389

Answer: D

Monday, April 7, 2014

CompTIA Unveils New Open Access Model

CompTIA ( ) introduced a new model of open access that will dramatically change how businesses and individuals interact with , and perceive CompTIA lever.

CompTIA announced at the annual shareholders meeting this week , the new open access model represents a fundamental change in strategy 30 years of membership in the association.

" The IT industry is changing rapidly, and channel partners and IT professionals , business owners and consumers are eager for real ideas and resources to help them make more informed decisions and provide guidance on the future of IT, " said Todd Thibodeaux , president and CEO of CompTIA . " CompTIA is well positioned to be the voice and resources , and we are opening the vault for registered and introducing greater exclusivity and value for our shareholders users. "

Designed to promote the IT industry and help our channel partners more successful , the new CompTIA open access model consists of three steps to change the game.
  1.    A no-cost level of engagement called “registered user” that gives individuals access to select high-quality channel education, industry research, news and tools designed to help channel partners achieve their business goals.
  2.    A category to expand and improve the so called "premier member", which is available only to vendors, suppliers and distributors, and companies that serve the IT channel. CompTIA members receive premier exclusive business tools and priority access to all research resources, training and education, CompTIA. All members automatically receive the current Prime Minister of the Member State of CompTIA.
  3. A new design, simple mobile website to go live in June 2014, and easier for registered users and members of CompTIA premier find what you're looking for, take with CompTIA and interact with others within the association.
"New open access model and Accessories CompTIA digital platform will bring more visibility, value and voice CompTIA members and our first level, while enabling the IT industry with the knowledge and resources they want and need to be more successful," vice president senior, industrial relations, CompTIA.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

CompTIA to launch Advancing Women in IT Community in UK

CompTIA is set to release a woman in technology community in the UK, following the demand for female labor in the industry.

The CompTIA Advancing Women in IT community should launch in April and Nancy Hammervik, senior vice president of industrial relations CompTIA, said 1,000 women in the UK have already expressed interest in joining.

Retailers recently held a dinner in Birmingham to promote the issue of women in technology and engage with local women in industry, seeking their views on a similar UK model CompTIA existing community U.S. . . .
Hammervik told Computer Weekly: “Our first women in the community of its launch in the U.S. with women in the IT channel Women in Technology is a passion of mine, so I was happy to start a group. CompTIA women in the U.S... "

Hammervik said 300 women had wanted to join the U.S. community in its first year. "The focus of the community was the development and training with a focus on mentoring," he said. "One hundred women volunteered to be mentors.

"The community was built for young women in technology who want to connect with a mentor in IT.”
CompTIA Hammervik said when asked young girls their opinions about careers in IT, found that although 90 % of girls aged 12 to 15 years old, were comfortable using technology in their daily lives , only 15% wanted a career in the industry.

" The reasons given for not wanting a career in technology was that it is the work of a man , is not feminine , too much math and science involved, and is for geeks who sit in the basement ," he said . "Many didn ' do not even know what they were available jobs.

“We need to educate these girls what careers are out there.”

Hammervik said women in the UK in the technology community is currently formalizing as a chapter and the search for a suitable chair.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cloud support services business models and adoption by the IT channel

The channel has come a long way in the short history of cloud computing: from the concerns of the function of the channel - and the future - in the cloud market, to embrace the cloud and thereby increasing the affinity of the customer. As the cloud with mobile computing, social networking, and big data analytics, replacing PCs and servers, the next computing platform (referred to collectively as the third platform) , IT channel companies face a number of new business opportunities .

"Companies of the channel, from my point of view, they have the greatest opportunity in front of them. The question is how quickly ... [is] going to embrace it as a mechanism to drive the business and maintain viscosity strategist with customers and cloud product manager... Science Logic Inc, a provider based in Reston, Virginia IT operations management software: "How did you’re embracing - find the differences. Instead of fighting against Amazon, Google, Rackspace , let me embrace you and fill in the gaps and spaces that do not receive them . "

This is exactly what the value-added resellers, systems integrators and service providers are doing, providing what we refer to here as support services to the cloud. In its fourth annual trends in Cloud Computing report , which is based on a survey of 501 users of July and IT channel 400 technology companies in the United States , CompTIA describes four models of business -related IT companies are adopting cloud channel : build, supply / delivery , the manager / support and enable / integration . Although these are not the only business models in the cloud, which tend to be more common. Also noted that companies can move from one category to another and in no particular order.

That said, the "build" business model has the lowest barrier of entry, according to Carolyn April, director of industry analysis, CompTIA . "It ' a natural progression from the resale of hardware and software to clients to help them build a private cloud,". This business model also includes resale offer "cloud -in-a - box". According to the report, about 60 % of the companies of the channels identified themselves as retailers currently offer construction services, while only 47 % of companies in the channels that are identified as service providers offer construction services.

While companies may find that the business model of channel "build" fits well with their offers, the pattern of supply / service is the most promising. According to the report, a third of respondents believe that the model of supply / performance has the greatest potential for growth in the next two years - regardless of whether or not they are currently involved in it.

"We see that most of the activities of the class to provide / performance," said April. This cloud service model of business support includes several sub-groups: 60% of the companies involved in the channels of private label offer IT cloud cloud provider , another 60 % manages its own data center and cloud services sell Harvest possess, and 54% resale provider of cloud-based services , such as Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps services , according to the survey .

For MySherpa from Wilmington Delaware, rebranding Software-as- a-Service products has been a win-win for the provider of managed services for its customers so much. According to Ethan Tancredi , president of MySherpa , the company offers about 10 "bolt -on in the cloud. " Some are included when the client hires the services of MySherpa and others are offered as accessories.

“They provide great flexibility for us, the managed service provider. We have the ability to have a solid product that we can offer customers and build the cost into the price of our services product management. “In terms of benefits to the customer, said, " We can eliminate these [technology] infrastructure components of the organization to the customer, should not be so complex or expensive, giving them the functionality they need.”

As the business model of delivery / performance, model management / support provides enterprise IT channel the opportunity to build a recurring revenue stream with cloud services. Manage / support includes management and support services based in the cloud or as a revenue model work or project contract, as well as the addition, the scale or troubleshooting services in the cloud, if necessary. According to CompTIA , a third of companies report that they offer channel of basic services such as troubleshooting or repair of cloud-based IT , while six in 10 report provides remote monitoring and management of cloud services residing in a multicloud .

According to the report, “the management of the Multicloud is a solid opportunity for the channel as a host of other cloud applications and solutions mushroom market. Guests have access to a variety of solutions from different vendors and locations of data centers, often with little real control over the source of these services. Companies are optimally positioned to serve as a channel goalkeeper. "

The latest model to support cloud services business - enabling / integration - channeling gives companies the opportunity to further increase their income above the recurring services. According to the report of CompTIA , the source of dollars, after sales No. 1 in the last three years has been the integration work . " Like most solution providers charge customers on a recurring basis for the cloud solutions ... project work associated with the category Enable / Embed allows them to add entries not included in the basic contract , " reports the industry group .

Other companies channel medium ( 100-499 employees) are offering cloud services that allows integration / his cohorts , with 66% of reporting companies participating in this business model, compared with 49 % of small businesses, the ratio of CompTIA .

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

CompTIA Applauds Chicago Public Schools Plan to Make Computer Science a Core Subject

Chicago Public Schools to maximize the information to an object of basic learning will go a long way towards reducing the digital divide and the expansion and diversification of the workforce in high technology, according to CompTIA , the nonprofit association profit for technology ' (IT ) .

CEO of Chicago Public Schools , today announced a new five-year plan for the team to place the subject in a class at least one computer science elective offered at each high school , and help students the tools to create applications and computer programs, from elementary school." Early identification of students who have an aptitude for computers and technology is key to educating these children of the many career opportunities available to them in the future a factor," said Todd Thibodeaux , president and CEO , CompTIA .

"More importantly , technical literacy is a prerequisite for almost all occupations in the information economy today, even more than the positions of the technology," Thibodeaux continued . "We applaud the Chicago Public Schools to take this important step . Expand access to technology in the classroom , students will be better prepared and more eager to get advanced degrees and professional certifications and careers that offer good pay and opportunities for progress and growth ."

CompTIA has worked closely for several years with the Chicago Technology Academy , a non -profit four-year school located in the city of Villa Universitaria organization. The school was founded to inspire, educate and connect the next generation of leaders, and to increase the number of students from minority and low -income families seeking science , technology, engineering and mathematics ( STEM) in college and career.

The link between teenagers , young adults and technology is strong. CompTIA A 2012 survey of 1,000 young people between 13 and 24 years found that 97 percent of the loved or liked the technology. In addition, 58 percent often serves as the solution of technological problems , helping family and friends with questions about computers , software , mobile devices and related technologies .

CompTIA is the voice in the world of information technology (IT). For more information, visit ,

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

CompTIA Brings Out Cloud Adoption Research

With 90 percent of companies that ask for some kind of use of the cloud, many organizations have moved to the next stage , taking advantage of multiple cloud models in different combinations to optimize the benefits and efficiencies , according to a new study by CompTIA , a non-profit association for the information technology industry .

According to a statement , CompTIA Fourth Annual Trends in Cloud Computing study reveals companies rely on cloud computing for business processes , such as conservation (59 percent ) , business continuity and disaster recovery (48 percent ) and safety (44 percent ) .

"Once companies reach a point where they are using cloud systems as a standard part of the IT architecture , weigh the pros and cons of different models and suppliers of change and steadily to achieve the optimal combination ," said Seth Robinson , director technology analysis , market research , CompTIA . " A good percentage of companies are moving to the public cloud provider to another , from a public cloud provider to its own private cloud or on-premise applications Move Back " .

The CompTIA study found that more than six out of ten users of cloud movements have secondary infrastructure or applications after its original passage of the cloud.

Public -private partnership: the most popular type of measurement is a public cloud provider to another. Factors for switching providers include safety, cost, features , open standards, and customer service interruptions .

- Public and Private: Many companies can give the label " private cloud " to a set of virtualized resources . A real private cloud , using software that automatically manages resources, dynamic allocation , if necessary , without any manual intervention .

-Public On- Premise : By far , the main motivation to return to a facility is security. Companies can simply move a particular application that gives concern while still have less sensitive applications in public cloud platforms .

Friday, August 23, 2013

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Prepare for the following certification

The A+ 220-801 exam is required part of CompTIA's A+ which comprises of two exams as follows
The 220-801 exam is intended for IT professionals who have excellent technical skills and communication skills to work on advanced technical environment and have the ability to deal with customers. The current version of the 220-801 exam 220-701 exam retires August 31, 2013.

Skills Measured

  • Install, configure, and maintenance of PC components.
  • Repair and replacement of laptop components.
  • Use of various tools such as multicenter, power-supply tester
  • Use of Printers
  • Knowledge of commands for troubleshooting
  • System Utilities
  • Troubleshooting client-side connectivity issues
  • Installation and configuration of SOHO networks.
  • Security Issues
  • Operational Procedures
  • Environmental Impacts and their Controls

220-801 Course Duration

It is a program of study at their own pace, regardless, so there are no restrictions imposed by the minimum or maximum. The amount of time needed depends on your existing knowledge and their area of ​​expertise as well as their availability. We recommend at least 2-3 weeks if you are aware of the problems of hardware and software network security.